Welcome to Professional Powder Coating & Painting, LLC

Professional Powder Coating & Painting, LLC is a woman owned business. Our services include powder coating, painting, firearm coatings, ceramic coatings and hydrographics. As a part of our painting services, we also perform body repair and collision work.

The superb longevity of powder coating on metal surfaces and its non-volatile properties to the environment has enhanced its use. Due to the “Going Green” initiative, companies are looking for more environmentally friendly forms of coatings, which include non VOC powder coating and water borne paints.

Over the past years we have developed a customer base that continues to grow. The employees and owners of Professional Powder Coating are working together to establish a foothold in the coatings industry. We have recently added firearms coatings and hydrographics which is an exciting new concept in decorational coatings.

We offer firearm coatings including hydrographics and Cerakote, the world leader in corrosion prevention and abrasion and wear resistance. Firearms can be Cerakoted only or painted and dipped in any pattern. Custom Cerakote patterns either by customer or our design is no problem. Link to the Cerakote website and view the many colors available.

Cerakote Micro Slick is also available for firearms and internal engine parts to reduce friction.

Professional Powder Coating is a Factory Trained Certified Applicator of all Cerakote coatings including high temperature ceramic coatings. See our Drop Off Locations.

Video on the Process of Applying Hydro Graphics